Thursday, January 3, 2013

What is your Utopia?

Arcadia, Eden, Elysian Fields, Erewhon, Garden of Eden, Shangri-La, blissdreamland, dreamworld, fairyland, heavenland of milk and honey, never-never land, paradise, perfectionpie in the sky, promised land, seventh heaven,wonderland....

       According to these are the synonyms for Utopia.  All of us dream of what our ideal worlds would include-money, fame, happiness...but I want to pose the question, What happens after? 
      At this moment in my life I would have to admit that things are going pretty damn well but, am I happy?  Well, yes except.......I want more. First and foremost I want  to be published, I want a better education for my children, I want a better relationship with my family, I want more organization in my life, I want violence to not exist...So is this unreasonable?  Does my very existence depend upon these things? Okay, the answer is 'No' on both counts so essentially I've reached my own Utopia but why don't I feel satisfied?

       I'm a mother, a wife, a woman but mostly human and there is an innate need in all of us for more.  Hell, if the Neanderthal's didn't possess such a need where would we be now?  (Sorry, I'm not into that skins with a matching string of stones look.)  Look what I'm saying is that it's okay to want more however (and this is a HUGE however) it's just as important to take time to look around every time we attempt to climb our individual Mount McKinley, or Kilimanjaro especially Everest!  Even if we don't reach the peak stop and admire the view from your position, take a moment to evaluate if you need to continue, remain still or perhaps retreat only you will know.  This is what happens after, no fireworks appear or an instantaneous transformation-but a quiet understanding, perhaps even an inner peace of sorts and what could be better than that?

     What is your own vision of Utopia?  Have you reached it?  If so, what did you do once you found yourself there?


  1. This was an extremely interesting post. I have not found my Utopia yet, but still happy! New follower here and thanks for commenting on my blog!

  2. Beautiful post!

    I am still figuring out just what I want out of life so I don't think that even I know what my Utopia is at this point in my life, but it is always a great thing to appreciate what you have now instead of pinning away for what you don't have.

  3. Very well said. My husband and I are constantly working to rebalance each other between "we have a good life, don't complain" and "what I would have if I could have it ALL!" It's a fun and interesting debate. Thanks for the insight!

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  5. What is my Utopia?
    Seventh-Heaven, dear,
    where alla my loved ones reside.
    No, girly-whirly,
    your lifetime DOESNT end in death...
    it only begins IF you choose Upstairs.
    So follow us.
    trustNjesus, dear.
    Jesus shall never letchu down, child.

    And we shall RITE nonillions and
    centillions of novelties in the
    Great Beyond...
    gotta getta drink first.
    Let's gitta BIG-OL-BEER first.
    Gotta lotta tok about.
    cya soon...